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Election Day Story

Since I can't be at the "War Stories" meeting in April, I thought I'd share my experience poll-watching for Theresa Mah.

I was assigned the 9th precinct of the 25th Ward, in Pilsen, ground zero for her opponent, Eddie Acevedo. It was assumed there would be lots of chicanery from this old-school family that had already used physical and verbal assaults to try and shut-down at least one of Theresa's press conferences.

Judicial Voting Guide, Endorsed Candidates & Sample Ballot

Back by popular demand, the list of judges rated by 11 Bar Associations, and NDFA's regular candidate endorsements. Note those judicial candidates with many "NR" (Not Recommended) and "NQ" (Not Qualified) ratings. You may take this list into the voting booth with you

To see the complete lists, click these links:

Where To Vote In the March 15 Primary

Find your polling place and locations/dates for early voting

City of Chicago
Cook County
Lake County
DuPage County

Thank You to Our April Candidates!

Thanks To Our February 2015 Municipal Primary Candidates!

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