NDFA Committees

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Campaign Committee - coordinates activities to help elect our endorsed and adopted candidates.

Candidates Committee - develops candidate targeting strategy for each election.

Fundraising Committee - plans fundraisers and other events to raise money to support Northside DFA.

Membership Committee - outreach to new members, tracking of membership records and voting member status.

Organizational Effectiveness Committee - This committee regularly monitors Northside DFA's progress on the issues that our voting members identified as most important to them at our last retreat, usually held in August.

Outreach and Communications Committee - brings new people to the monthly meetings with el flyering, window signs, and house-to-house flyering, responsible for group communications and raising the profile of the group in the community at large.

Research Committee - does research on potential candidates and other issues important to the group.

Training Committee - hosts the DFA Training Academy and other training activities.