Northside DFA (Democracy for America) is a grassroots political organization dedicated to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government.

July meeting: Biss, Mendoza, Noland, Mah ... and more! TONIGHT ONLY!

From Carl Nyberg's email:

You are invited to NDFA's monthly meeting, tomorrow, Thursday, July 9. The formal meeting starts at 7 PM. Social hour starts at 6 PM.

State Comptroller: Dan Biss & Susana Mendoza

When Judy Baar Topinka died, Gov. Bruce Rauner appointed Leslie Munger to serve as Comptroller until the 2016 election. Both Sen. Daniel Biss & Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza seek to be the Democratic Party nominee.

June Meeting! New Speakers! come!

Ald. Sue Garza had a conflict emerge, a meeting in her community.

Rep. Rob Martwick (D-IL19) is a NDFA voting member and running for re-election. He would like to be endorsed.

Robert Murphy ran for alderman in 2015 in Ward 39 against Ald. Marge Laurino. He received 42.8% of the vote. He & Joe Laiacona held Laurino to 53.2%. Previously she had 76.4% (2011) and 79.3% (2007). She was unopposed in 2003. Laurino's husband is the committeeman.

Here's a link to the Facebook meeting page. RSVP so you can peer pressure your friends to attend.

June Meeting! Alderman Sue Garza! Thursday!

Winning big is nice in elections for alderman. The theory is that the alderman can afford to be bolder in the positions s/he takes.

But winning by a close margin... there's something rewarding. It makes every hour of door knocking or phone calls seem like it made the difference.

Remember in 2011 when Northside DFA helped Ald. John Arena win by 30 votes (which grew in to a 1,225 vote margin in 2015)?

In 2015, the progressive who won by the narrowest margin was Sue Sadlowski Garza who defeated Ald. John Pope in Ward 10 by 20 votes.

Ama Birch's Ferguson Project

Last night at our monthly meeting we heard from two great elected officials -- Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and Scott Waguespack -- and had an interesting discussion on the municipal elections.

Ama Birch also talked about her project in the group announcements section: she is off to Ferguson, MO for two weeks to interview people about life before, during, and after the killing of Michael Brown and the protests afterwards.

You can follow her experiences at her blog:

Thank You to Our April Candidates!

Vote! Work! Then come to the meeting and share stories!

Election day is almost upon us: I hope you’ve early voted, and signed up to do Election Day work – whether working as an election judge, poll watching, or helping to get out the vote – it’s all really important. If you can’t take off work on Election Day, make sure your friends, family, and chance acquaintances get out to vote – tell everyone to vote, whether via email, twitter, facebook, or phone – make sure they vote.

Time is running out -- let's get some work done!

We’re coming down to the wire now – and it’s time to get out to work for our candidates. Whether you work for Chuy for Mayor, John Arena in the 45th Ward, Tara Stamps in the 37th Ward (and boy, incumbent Emma Mitts stuck her foot in it recently …), Chris Taliaferro in the 29th Ward, Omar Aquino in the 36th Ward, or Amy Crawford in the 46th Ward – it all helps change the progressive nature of our city government.

We need your help to get our endorsed candidates elected. We have 11 Days left to make our mark! Please join us for our upcoming Days of Action.

Events, events, events! Plus, some news

Quick update on our candidates for this cycle of the municipal elections:

Tim Meegan (33rd) has suspended his campaign. The legal challenge going forward was too broad, and too expensive, to pursue in a timely manner that kept him on the ballot for April 7. Deb Mell was over the required 50% by 17 votes in the official vote tally.

At the last meeting, we endorsed Chris Taliaferro (29th Ward), Omar Aquino (36th Ward), and Amy Crawford (46th Ward). There were members present who wanted to work on those races.

Great elections deserve great meetings to talk it over

Well, some election, eh?

Of our candidates, Chuy Garcia and John Arena are in the run-offs. For Tara Stamps: it’s a run-off. Tim Meegan in the 33rd Ward, Anne Shaw and Ronda Locke in the 1st Ward, and Byron Sigcho in the 25th Ward are all suing the Board of Elections: the races are close, and there were documented voting irregularities … so it’s an exciting race to April 7.

And there are 17 aldermanic run-offs total: the most in city history (that anyone remembers, at least: if you know of an election where there were more … I’d love to know).

Thanks To Our February 2015 Municipal Primary Candidates!

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