Northside DFA (Democracy for America) is a grassroots political organization dedicated to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government.

Mayoral TIF Propaganda

Check out this short film from Mayor Emanuel. It explains nothing about TIFs and later the Mayor takes credit for reforming TIFs, which he hasn't done. Not mentioned is how property tax payers get gouged to make up for the general revenue lost to the Mayor's TIF slush fund. At least only about 900 people have watched it. Mayor's TIF Fantasy

Wisconsin, NDFA June meeting: Aldermen Scott Waguespack and Bob Fioretti join us

We lost a hard one win Wisconsin last Tuesday: amazingly close, actually, given the money differential in the race. Walker should have won easily, given how much money he had and how much money was poured into the state on his behalf. By contrast, Barrett’s campaign had less cash, less major party support, less PAC money … and a ton of boots on the ground. Did Labor make a difference? Yes it did: it shouldn’t have been close at all, given the distaste of many Wisconsinites for the concept of the recall at all (thanks to a major advertising campaign questioning the legitimacy of the recall entirely), and the huge Citizens United expenditures on Walker’s behalf.

How should NDFA deal with Green Party candidates?

Last night I attended Democracy Burlesque. Dave Ehrlich one of the Green Party candidates for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District spoke. Afterwards Ehrlich and I walked to the Red Line together and rode it into Downtown.

Ehrlich expressed an interest in making his pitch to Northside DFA.

I propose sending a formal message to the Illinois Green Party. The theme would be: if you want NDFA to take Green Party candidates seriously, the Illinois Green Party has to take organizing seriously.

While the particulars of what constitutes serious organizing can be debated and honed as part of the text of the formal letter, here's some minimums I would like to see.

State party
1. Full-time staff

NDFA, congressional races, and a survey

As we move into the General Election cycle, it is time to focus our attention on one of the goals identified by voting members last summer as a high priority: taking back the House of Representatives from the Tea Party Republicans. If we want Congress to get to work and pass productive legislation, then we have to elect members of Congress who will actually work on reasonable legislation and get good bills passed. We don’t need more destructive, extremist fluff passed that only serves to rally the base of the most extreme right-wing and evangelically conservative parts of the Republican party: we need legislation that addresses the very real needs of the majority of Americans. It’s not too much to hope for a Congress that actually takes on the issues of the 99% rather than fighting for reducing taxes on the 1%.

NDFA May Monthly meeting: Leslie Coolidge and Wisconsin Recalls

Once again, we’re sliding into the next election, starting to hear from candidates who are gearing up to run in the General Election in November. We’ll be looking at a variety of candidates for this election: if you know of any you think we should consider, please contact either Carl Nyberg (who is the chair of our Candidates Committee) or another Steering Committee member – or bring it up to us at a meeting. One of the prime ways to see change happen is through the election process: electing good people to office is part of the equation in creating change.

Congratulations, Theresa Mah!

Congratulations to NDFA Steering Committee member Theresa Mah for getting elected to the Kelly High School LSC with the most votes of any candidate!

Local School Council Elections! Vote!

You don’t really think that elections ever end in Illinois, do you? No, they really don’t. In the city of Chicago, we have Local School Council elections this week, and though NDFA did not endorse in the LSC races this year, there are several candidates who would appreciate your help if you live in their areas:

Theresa Mah (Steering Committee member) is running for LSC at Thomas Kelly High School (4136 S. California) and was endorsed by Progressive Alliance PAC.

Alonso Zaragosa, who ran for committeeman in the 31st Ward, is running for LSC at Lloyd Elementary School, near Armitage and Cicero, and also for LSC at Kelvyn Park High School (4343 West Wrightwood Avenue).

Long time member Joe Laiacona is running for LSC at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Albany Park (Wilson and Kimball).

NDFA member and Raise Your Hand Board Member Jill Wohl sent the following recommendations for some north side LSC’s:

Amundsen High School (corner of Damen and Foster):

Winning and Losing

My apologies for being delinquent in writing for a few weeks: it’s been nearly two weeks since the election, and it felt like we could all use a bit of a break post-election.

Election Day - less than one week away!

With the end of the primary just six days away, we are entering the critical phase: voters are really paying attention and all our campaigns need as much help as we can give them. (Side note: Thursday, March 15 is the last day of early voting – if you haven’t voted yet, please get out and vote!)

At the meeting on Tuesday, we heard from representatives from all our adopted campaigns, who gave updates on the campaign, and asked for help – if we want to see these folks win their primaries, now is the time to show support. We also voted to endorsed Kevin Allen, running for State Senate in the 23rd District in DuPage County – he’s running against two other candidates for the pleasure of running against the Republican in the general.

NDFA March meeting: and this weekend with Jim and Howard Dean!

Our monthly meeting is coming up – last one before the election!

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