Northside DFA (Democracy for America) is a grassroots political organization dedicated to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government.

The election is less than a month away

The election is less than a month away, and it’s all hands to the deck for our adopted and endorsed candidates. Sign up here to help out Will Guzzardi:

February meeting: O'Shaughnessey's! at Ravenswood and Wilson! Feb11! Be there!

Time for our monthly meeting: we’ll meet on Tuesday, February 11, and we’re starting to dive into municipal elections. We’re hearing from our last primary candidate: Blake Sercye, who is running for Cook County Commissioner from the 1st District. We’re also starting to hear from candidates for the municipal elections (yes, they are a year away: your point is? If we’re going to change City Council, we have to start now). We’ll hear from Joe Laiacona, running for alderman in the 39th Ward, and Mark Thomas, running for alderman in the 44th Ward.

Support WILL GUZZARDI application for endor$ment from national DFA !

It just takes a couple seconds:
Direct link to share:

PS. And don't forget our MEETING NEXT TUESDAY the 14th is at NOOKIES in EDGEWATER.

January meeting at Nookies in Edgewater

Hope you are surviving Chicago’s deep freeze, polar vortex, brutal cold … whatever you call this “stay inside unless you want to die” weather. It gets a little bit warmer every day this week … so by the weekend it will be canvassing weather again : )

The next monthly meeting is at Nookie’s in Edgewater, 1100 W. Bryn Mawr. It’s just east of the Red Line Bryn Mawr stop. There is some parking available – there is a small lot behind the restaurant, accessible from the alley just west of the restaurant. There is some street parking on the side streets as well.

Holiday Party Thanks / Lost & Found

40-50 Progressives enjoyed some purely social fun last Saturday at NDFA's annual Holiday Party. Thanks to Lisa Ginsburg, whose beautiful party room we were able to use once again. Thanks to Melissa Lindberg, Joe Fedorko, Sandi Silva and Carl Nyberg for coming early to untangle Xmas lights and help set up. Thank you to everyone who brought food and drinks - this was the tastiest potluck we've ever had! Happy Holidays to everyone from NDFA.

Things to do in December

Hope the Thanksgiving holiday was full of warmth and cheer for you. In the world of Illinois campaigns, -petition filing is nearly finished (today is the last day to file), and we move into the season for petition challenges. In the next few weeks, there are a series of events I want to make you aware of –

Invitations: Marriage Equality signing and NDFA Action Day for Guzzardi

Two events to tell you about:

One, we particularly wanted NDFA members to know they were invited to Gov. Quinn’s signing of the marriage equality bill – you are invited especially if you did any work to help pass this bill, whether making phone calls, knocking on doors, or sending emails and/or postcards to state representatives – it all mattered in the end, and it all helped tip the momentum towards passage. Gov. Quinn is signing the bill on Wednesday, at the UIC Forum at Roosevelt and Halsted. If you wish to go, please RSVP here:

Meeting Nov 12: celebrate marriage equality passing and much more

It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? With the vote in the General Assembly to finally approve marriage equality, Illinois has taken a step forward. And in the rest of the country – a progressive Democrat is now mayor of New York, a pro-union Democrat is now mayor of Boston, and Virginia has a Democratic governor, despite the usual inclination of the state to vote in a governor of the opposite party who holds the White House.

ACTION EVENT: phone calls for Marriage Equality

Join us to lobby Representatives in the General Assembly to vote FOR marriage equality!

This weekend is the last weekend to phone bank before the expected vote next week. We will be working closely with the field team to make sure that we are focused on the most important Representatives.

Please bring a laptop and a cell phone, or let me know if you can't (Ed, 312-342-8972). Hope to see you there!!

RSVP at the Facebook event here:

What? There's a primary in Chicago? A real one? Do tell.

Well, with the federal government shutdown here, and the Republicans trying to shut down a law that is already going into effect, life in these United States has taken on a bit of the crazy.

So for this month’s meeting, we’re retreating from the national scene to take a look at some state candidates. We actually have a contested primary coming up for a local legislative seat, the state representative from the 40th District – I, for one, will get to have a choice in who I vote for to be my state representative for the first time. It’s very exciting.

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