Northside DFA (Democracy for America) is a grassroots political organization dedicated to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government.

Need campaign activities to be a voting member?

Just wanted to highlight a couple of events this weekend – both of which count as campaign activities toward voting member credit. Some folks have been losing their voting member status simply because we haven't had campaigns to work on for months: this weekend is an opportunity to remedy that.

Sunday, August 18 at 4 pm is the Logan Square Community Rally to Support our Public Schools: meet up at the Logan Square Monument. This is to call on the Mayor to declare a TIF surplus and restore the devastating cuts to our local schools.

It's August! Time to meet!

It’s that time of the month again … time for our monthly meeting! As always, it’s on the second Tuesday of the month, and this month we’ll be joined by Amisha Patel of the Grassroots Collaborative and Bill Bianchi, Chair of the Progressive Democrats of America – Chicago and PDA – Illinois, talking about their organizations and how we can work together.

The meeting is on Tuesday, August 13, at 7 pm (6 pm dinner/social hour) at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln Ave (two blocks from the Irving Park Brown Line, free parking in rear off of Irving Park).

Meeting! Tuesday! Be there!

Wow, it's been a busy month. Netroots Nation, the Independence Day holiday, followed by
the DFA Campaign Academy, -- and the General Assembly has been called into session again next week. Should be interesting to see what's on the agenda this time.

Netroots Nation: update

Here I am, in San Jose, at Netroots Nation -- and geeking out with fandom about the folks who are here that you just walk past in the hall. The hard part is trying to be cool and not squeal everytime one sees someone famous :)

Have been hanging out with DFA folks -- meeting folks that I've done email conversations with, or talked on the phone with -- Jay Henderson, Monique Teal, Jim Dean, Arshad and Charlie Chamberlain (well, Jim, Arshad and Charlie I've met before ...). Julielynn Gibbons. Nice to meet and chat with folks.

That happened. Now this happens. Pensions, Marriage, Fracking: what next?

Well, that happened.

The end of the General Assembly’s session was so disappointing on a number of levels. The votes that they decided to cast, the votes that they decided not to cast … take your pick. An agony of frustration for the citizens of Illinois.

Now this happens.

What next? More campaigns, more voters, more opinions

On the heels of the discouraging news from the Board of Education yesterday – closing 50 CPS schools despite the protests, despite admitting that the cost savings won’t be as great as advertised, despite the firefighters’ objections to being used as human shields for the first three weeks of classes (and since when are firefighters trained security guards? after the first three weeks, everything will be miraculously all fine?) - what can we do?

There are two actions I want to highlight.

NDFA Meeting May 14 with Aldermen Arena, Waguespack, and Smith

Plan to join us next Tuesday is our monthly meeting: we’re looking forward to talking with Aldermen John Arena, Scott Waguespack, and Michele Smith on City Issues - and there are so many, aren’t there? From parking meters raising their ugly heads again, to CPS, to CTA concerns, to crime, to budget priorities, and on and on.

Favor: DFA Scholarships to Netroots Nation: Deadline May 7

Four NDFA’ers are applying for DFA scholarships to Netroots Nation in San Diego this June. Could you take a moment to vote for us? You can vote for as many people as you like, but only once for each person BY MAY 7. Four clicks is what we ask:

Nate Lefebvre (NDFA Steering Committee):

Carl Nyberg (NDFA Steering Committee):

Ed Mullen (past Chair of NDFA):

Melissa Lindberg (Chair, NDFA):

"Chasing Ice"

Chasing Ice was the latest NDFA social outing. It is a documentary about a photographer, James Balog, who is documenting the receding glaciers in the northern hemisphere as a result of global warming.

Alderman Pawar Joins us April 9: plus canvassing and petitions for schools

Two events to let you know about:

This Sunday is our NDFA Action Day for Greg Hosé : we’ll be car pooling out to Downer’s Grove to knock doors. We’ll meet at noon in the parking lot of the Pier One at Broadway and Berwyn. Please let me know if you can make it – see the RSVP button to the right.

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