Northside DFA (Democracy for America) is a grassroots political organization dedicated to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government.

New adoptions, endorsements, and lots of new events: many ways to celebrate participation in democracy

We were reminded at the meeting Tuesday night that there are less than 100 days left until the primary. It will come before we know it … which makes it all that much more important to get out to support for our candidates from now until Election Day.

The meeting on Tuesday was very dynamic: lots of great candidates, lots of great questions, lots of great discussion. We saw Kelly Cassidy, who is running for state representative in the 14th District, and four candidates from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board of Commissioners race spoke to us: Commissioner Patricia Horton, Kari Steele, Stella Black, and Patrick Thompson all participated in our panel discussion. Thanks to all of them for coming out to speak to us; it was a most enlightening evening.

Events: Meeting, Action Day and Party

Here are a couple of important events coming up to let you know about:
One, our weekly meeting is next Tuesday, December 13 at 7 pm at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln Ave (6 pm for dinner/social hour beforehand). We’ll be hearing from Kelly Cassidy, the current state representative 14th District, who is running for election to the seat she was appointed to after Harry Osterman was elected Alderman (this district is roughly in Edgewater/Rogers Park). We have already heard from her opponent, Paula Basta, so after we hear from Kelly we will be able to vote on this race. We will also be hearing from Democrats running for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, including Kari Steele, Stella Black, and Patrick Daley Thompson (we’re waiting on confirmation for several other candidates as well). You’ll remember that we have already endorsed Debra Shore for commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District; three commissioners will be elected in this cycle.

Final weekend for petition collecting -- and news from the November meeting

This weekend marks the big push to get petition signatures so that candidates can get on the ballot. If you have a few hours to spend helping out, it would be much appreciated by all our candidates. Take your pick of your candidate to work for – they could all use the help, and getting on the ballot is the first step to having a good choice in March for these races. Here are some events to look out for:

**Petition collection for Ilya Sheyman :
Saturday Nov 19th - 11am - 5pm
Highland Park office - 734 Central Ave Suite 200
Waukegan office - 116 N. Genesee St.

Sunday Nov 20th - 12pm - 5pm
Highland Park office - 734 Central Ave Suite 200
Waukegan office - 116 N. Genesee St.

Let the campaign know if you can make it by emailing us or calling 224-216-BOLD (2653). This is not an NDFA Action Day, so we’re not organizing car pools up to the District, but both offices are very close to Metra stops, so they are easily accessible by public transportation.

NDFA November meeting: Occupy! and more

So much going on, so little time to do it in … whether it’s occupying, protesting the city’s new budget (Mayor Emanuel has failed to learn the lessons of previous politicians: it’s unwise to annoy either nurses or librarians …), or campaigning for our favorite politicians – it’s a busy time for the politically active right now.

Upcoming events of interest

A quick note this week about upcoming events.

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 22, a few NDFA members are going to head downtown to Occupy Chicago for their gathering and march. Events start at 6:00 pm at Jackson and LaSalle. Steering Committee member Nate Lefebvre has been very involved with Occupy Chicago, but for our part in the gathering tomorrow Carl Nyberg will be the contact. Respond to this email if you’d like his contact information to help meet up in the crowd.
We’ll be talking more about Occupy Chicago at next month’s meeting on November 8, but I did want to let you know about this event tomorrow.

NDFA's October meeting: what happened?

With Occupy Chicago occupying our minds, calling attention to the inequalities of the economic system and looking for transformative change, we need to remember that the other side of change is the slow change brought by the electoral process. No, one election doesn’t make a huge difference, one candidate isn’t going to save the world – but changing the pattern of the elections, putting up the fight over and over again, getting our message of the need for progressive change in front of the voters time and time again – yes, that does make a difference.

NDFA October meeting: Challengers and Votes

Once again, it’s time for our monthly meeting. During the summer, we conducted a survey of our members asking what our priorities should be for the upcoming campaign season. Using those results, at the August retreat for voting members we set a few goals: one, to help to flip the Congress back to Democratic control; two, to prioritize state legislature races (Springfield needs all the help it can get); and three, to run independent committeemen. Both at the Retreat and through the survey, members expressed strong opinions about the need to be active in these races if we want to see our government make positive change across all levels of government.

The meeting will be on Tuesday, October 11, at 7 pm (6 pm for optional social/dinner hour) at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln Ave (just off the Irving Park Brown Line stop; parking available in the rear off of Irving Park). Speakers will include:

September Update: Canvassing, Petitions, Money, and more ...

Several of us went out canvassing in the 10th Congressional District last Saturday, talking to voters and collecting petition signatures for Ilya Sheyman. The people we spoke to were all Democrats, and all regular voters. A common theme of concern from the voters we spoke to was a general angst at the way things are going – or not – in Washington: the dysfunctional Congress ranked high on the list of concerns these voters expressed, and some expressed a general despair at the disappointments of the last two years as Congress has stopped meaningful change over and over again – and a worry that President Obama hasn’t fought hard enough for the changes he spoke of on the campaign trail.

Alderman Michele Smith & Transparency

You all probably know that Children's Memorial Hospital will move from Lincoln Park to Streeterville in June 2012. Their old site is in the middle of the city's wealthiest neighborhood - the redevelopment will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs, city fees and new property taxes. Alderman Smith is living up to her promise to the 43rd Ward that the entire planning process will be as transparent and open to public input as possible. This should be a model for all other development, large and small, throughout Chicago. See her website for a sample of what she is doing:

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