Voting Membership

     Voting members decide who we endorse and adopt, they run for and elect our Steering Committee and vote on changes to the bylaws. They also get to form NDFA's future strategy at the Annual Voting Member Retreat.

     Voting membership is free. Once you attend 4 group meetings (at least 2 of which have to be our monthly meeting) and do 3 volunteer activities in a 12-month period for our endorsed and adopted candidates, you will be a voting member.

     Our monthly meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Check our home page for details about location. They start at 6:00 pm with a dinner and social hour, followed at 7:00 pm by guest speakers/candidates, campaign updates and group business, including endorsement votes.

Meetings are free.
We do not have an admission or membership fee and you do not have to order anything to eat or drink to attend.

Here is the portion of the bylaws that pertains to membership.

Bylaw 1 – Membership

Section 1: Monthly meetings are open to all who follow the procedures of our meetings.

Section 2: Voting members are those who are aged fifteen years or older, who have participated in three campaign activities during the year preceding the meeting at which a vote is taken, and have attended three membership meetings in the previous year, including the meeting at which the vote is taken. Once membership has been established, campaign activities beyond the original three may be substituted for attendance at membership meetings; in order to retain voting membership under this provision, the member must petition the Steering Committee, including the full list of qualifying campaign activities.

Section 3: Campaign activities must be for NDFA adopted or endorsed candidates, or be other designated NDFA featured activities. Additional guidelines may be established by the Steering Committee.

Section 4: Campaign activities only count toward voting membership when participation occurs after attendance at one membership meeting.

Section 5: Meeting attendance and campaign-activity participation will be verified by a member of the steering committee or his/her designee.

Section 6: The Steering Committee may remove from voting membership those who are consistently disruptive. Such a member shall be notified in writing, and may appeal to the Steering Committee. Such removal need not be discussed as an order of business at the general membership meeting.