Financials / State Disclosure

Below you will find links to NDFA's financial results as well as to the Illinois State Board of Elections website, where you can search for all of the D-2 and A-1 reports that NDFA files as a Political Committee.

D-2 Reports are the reports of Income and Expenses that every Illinois Political Committee must file every quarter. A-1 forms report contributions over $1,000 and must be filed within 5 days of receiving the donation.

Illinois State Board of Elections Website

To find Northside DFA's Reports:
1. In the "Search Options" drop-down menu, select "Committee Search"
2. Click the "Search" button
3. On the Committee Search page, enter "Northside" in the "Committee Name" box
4. Click the "Search" button
5. Click the "Northside Democracy for America" link

Explore the ISBoE website; you can find reports on every Political Committee as well as donation information on Individuals and Businesses.

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2011 2nd Quarter Financials.pdf23.53 KB
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2011 3rd Quarter Financials.pdf24.5 KB
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