Worried about the election? Get active

As we gear up for the final weeks of the campaign, it’s time to really get out there and do the work we need to do to turn this country around. To that, NDFA has a series of events scheduled through the end of the month, designed to make it fun and easy to volunteer for our campaigns.

We have five phone banks scheduled, conveniently located at several locations here in the city. We’ll be calling for our candidates, and will serve a little food and beverages to keep our spirits up.

We are also planning a road trip to Wisconsin this Saturday, October 20. We’ll be leaving from the Walgreens parking lot near the Sheridan El stop on the Red Line (other stops being closed for the weekend …): we’ll meet at 9:30 am to leave for Wisconsin. Who are we supporting in Wisconsin, you ask? Rob Zerban is running against Paul Ryan for US Congress, Tammy Baldwin is running for US Senate, and Barack Obama is running for President: we’ll be working with the coordinated campaign to get out the vote for all three of them.

On Saturday, October 27 we’ll be going out to the 6th District, again leaving from the Walgreens parking lot by the Sheridan El stop on the Red Line. We’ll meet at 11 am to drive out to the 6th to support Leslie Coolidge.

How do you let us know that you’d like to participate in one of these events? Here is a handy link which has the sign-ups for all these events:

Again, whatever work you can do helps out tremendously. It all matters.

But wait, you say: I can’t actually volunteer for some very good reasons: can I give a little money instead? Why, yes, you can, if you feel so inclined: here is a link to donate to NDFA candidates on Act blue: https://secure.actblue.com/page/ndfa2012 - Money helps as well.

What if you’ve volunteered for events other than these that support our candidates: do those count for voting membership? Yes, they do: just let us know about them at NorthsideDFA@gmail.com.

Again, thanks for all you do: it makes a difference.