Judicial Retention Votes

Contrary to what I was told and reported at our October meeting, there are indeed Cook County Circuit Court Judges up for retention - 60 of them, in fact. Most have received all "Yes" ratings from the 12 bar associations. However, the following Judges received all, or mostly all, "No" ratings for retention:
Cynthia Brim - 100% No
Gloria Chevere - 11 of 12 No
James D. Egan - 100% No
Pamela E. Hill-Veal - 100% No

11 Bar Association Rating Spreadsheet      Chicago Council of Lawyers Ratings


If unsure

vote no on judicial retention. Frankly, if a judge isn't someone you know personally and remember as a good person, voting no on all of them is a better strategy than voting yes on all of them. Judges are retained at a far greater rate than they deserve.

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