Election week events: yes, it's that time and it really matters

OK, we’re in the final weeks of the campaign now – and now is the time to really get out the vote for our candidates! The time you volunteer now really counts. Here’s a list of the event we have coming up:

1) Trip to the 6th District to help Leslie Coolidge this Saturday, October 27 leaving at 11:00 am
2) Phone banking in the 43rd Ward on Monday, October 29 at 6:30 (last chance to do campaign work with NDFA in the city this cycle)
3) Road Trip to Wisconsin on Saturday, November 3 leaving at 9:30 am
4) Trip to the 6th District to help Leslie Coolidge on Sunday, November 4 leaving at noon

How do you sign up? Let us know what you can help out with on this handy form (and more details about when and where to meet are on the form):


We’ve had a great deal of fun on our trips so far: we canvassed in Kenosha last weekend on a perfect fall day, had great responses from the folks we talked to, and had great pizza and conversation afterwards before heading into the city: a great time. We’re looking forward to repeating the trip.

And wouldn’t it be great to win in the 6th? I’m all for Republican males with their odd theories about rape getting defeated at the polls – so getting out to work on this race seems doubly important every time a Republican politician opens his mouth and talks about women’s reproductive health and how it interferes with their religious freedom. Peter Roskam may not indulge in inflammatory rhetoric, but he has a “progressive voting record” of 6/100 … dismal. He voted against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, voted to concur on the Patriot Act extension, and yes on the Stupak amendment.

Have you voted yet? The time to do so is now: if you vote early, there’s no sudden snowstorm or unexpected traffic delay that can keep you from voting on Election Day … and it means you can work on a campaign Election Day without worrying about having to take the time to go vote! How lovely is that?

What are you doing on Election Day? Let us know what you plan to do – there’s a space on the sign-up form for that as well.

Again, here’s our sign-up sheet:

Can’t get out to volunteer? Donating money helps too (as I’m sure you know by now) – here’s the NDFA donate money page for our candidates this time around: https://secure.actblue.com/page/ndfa2012

Thanks for all you do: it really does all help –