One more week: you know what to do, so do it

One week until the last day to vote of this election cycle: Election Day on November 6. If we want our candidates to win, now is the time to get out the vote – it’s time to knock on doors, phone bank, harass our friends and family, and donate for the final push to win.

NDFA is going out both days next weekend. On Saturday, we’re going out to Wisconsin, leaving from the Walgreens parking lot at Sheridan and Irving Park to car pool up to Wisconsin’s first district, where we’ll go out knocking on doors for Rob Zerban, Tammy Baldwin, and President Obama. We’ll go up, do some door-knocking, have some pizza, and come back that evening.

On Sunday, we’ll leave at noon from the same location to go out to the 6th District to work for adopted candidate Leslie Coolidge.

Please take a moment to complete this survey (if you haven’t already) to let us know what you’re doing: there are questions to let us know if you plan to attend either of those events, but also to let us know what you’re doing on Election Day. It’s very helpful as we plan to know what folks want to do --

That’s the focus on our adopted candidates: we also have all of our endorsed candidates. Tammy Duckworth is looking for volunteers to get out the vote, Dennis Anderson has been on the radio with ads, and President Obama is neck-and-neck or in good shape, depending on which polls you read. If you’re interested in going out to Rockford Thursday or Friday to help out state representative candidate Carl Wasco, please contact Carl Nyberg at , as he is planning to go out this week.

Finally: can’t volunteer? Please consider donating for the final push. The link for the NDFA candidates is here:

Once again, I have to thank you for all that you do: it is incredibly helpful, especially in this last week before the election. You may not think that one night of phone calls makes a difference: but it does. It’s a collaborative effort, and it all adds up to winning. Every bit of effort is needed if we want to win. And winning is where it’s at – beside being infinitely more fun. It’s crucial, now more than ever, to elect good Democrats at all levels of government – so every bit helps, every bit counts.