DFA Campaign Academy

DFA has trained thousands of grassroots activists all over the country via their two-day campaign training, the DFA Campaign Academy.

From the DFA website:

"Our Campaign Academy weekends are 16 hours of interactive workshops that bring hundreds of local activists, campaign staff and candidates together for 2 days of intensive campaign training. Experienced campaign professionals lead sessions in voter contact, fundraising, communications, on-line organizing and much more to empower progressive activists with the skills to win in November and beyond. Attendees also meet with dozens of local progressive candidates and learn about exciting job and volunteer opportunities in their area. And of course, everyone receives their own copy of DFA's 180-page Campaign Training Manual.

Year after year, the DFA Campaign Academy is building a grassroots infrastructure of skilled progressive activists in all 50 states."

2011 Chicago-Area Academy

In 2011 Northside DFA hosted the DFA Campaign Academy at a UAW conference center in Lincolnshire. Over 100 people attended the training, which was co-sponsored by Illinois 10th Congressional District Democrats. We plan to host another session in 2012.

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