Endorsement & Adoption

Northside DFA's voting members Endorse and Adopt a limited number of candidates each election cycle. In order to be considered, a candidate must be invited to speak at one of our monthly meetings. We typically take our votes one meeting after the candidate speaks.

Endorsement: a candidate must receive 75% of the vote. They may use our name in their campaign materials and our members get credit toward voting membership for volunteering for them but there is no commitment of volunteers or resources.

Adoption: Endorsed candidates must receive 90% of a separate Adoption vote. When an Endorsed candidate is Adopted it means we are committing our volunteers and resources to their campaign. We also assign a member to be a liaison with the campaign.

If you have suggestions for other candidates we should be considering for the upcoming election please make those suggestions in the comments.

If you are a candidate wishing to be endorsed by Northside DFA please take a look at our Endorsement Policy and Procedure from our Bylaws.