What should Democracy For America request from Hillary Clinton?

After Sec. Hillary Clinton won the New York primary by a wide margin, it seems highly likely she will be the Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States in 2016.

This means progressives and organizations that supported Bernie Sanders, like Democracy For America, get to negotiate with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee for what we want as part of joining the team.

What would you like to see DFA ask for?

Stuff that could conceivably be on the table:

  • What executive branch policies will Hillary Clinton commit to?
  • What laws should Hillary Clinton & Democrats push in Congress?
  • How should the party be organized or reorganized?
  • How should the Democratic Party nomination/election process be modified?
  • What statements should Hillary Clinton make? What sort of dialog should she commit to having with progressives?
  • What sort of infrastructure should Hillary Clinton and her allies commit to building/funding outside of Democratic Party?

Progressives should not assume that we are powerless because Bernie Sanders is unlikely to get enough delegates to be the nominee. We control significant infrastructure and a significant number of votes.

Politics is a negotiation.

Let the brainstorming begin about what to negotiate for.


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