$5 straw poll: Hillary, Bernie, Jill Stein or Gary Johnson?

This week the Democratic Convention is happening. The Washington Post cited Pew research that 90% of Sanders supporters currently support Clinton. In June, Bloomberg reported (based on Bloomberg poll) that 55% of Sanders supporters would support Hillary Clinton.

Northside DFA is conducting a straw poll of Voting Members*, members, friends, allies & others to see where the people stand.

To vote, give $5 to NDFA on one of the following pages:


* Voting Members are people who have attended (at least) three monthly meetings of NDFA in the last year & done at least three volunteer activities for NDFA endorsed candidates. There are slightly over 60 Voting Members of NDFA currently. NDFA Voting Members make decisions for the organization, including which candidates to endorse.

What is the mission of Northside DFA?

NDFA exists to elect socially progressive, fiscally responsible & ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government.

Caveat one: NDFA does not endorse in judicial races.

Caveat two: "Democrats" includes candidates who are not Republicans. This is particularly true in non-partisan municipal races. At least two candidates endorsed in 2015 were more comfortable identifying as "socialists" than Democrats.

How does NDFA intend to change the world (theory of change)?

NDFA seeks to get people activated in politics as volunteers and as political candidates. The more people who volunteer on progressive campaigns the more progressives who will be elected. And this will make government policy more reflective of progressive values.

How do you get involved?

Come to a monthly meeting. They are second Thursdays of the month at Chief O'Neill's, 3471 N. Elston, Chicago, IL. Social hour starts at 6 PM and formal meeting starts at 7 PM. Speakers are usually candidates seeking endorsement, but sometimes it's elected officials keeping people informed.

What will this straw poll determine?

Perhaps nothing. At this point, NDFA endorsed Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary. There are some people who would like to endorse Hillary Clinton. There are some people who would rather NDFA not make an endorsement in the race for President of the United States.

NDFA does make an effort to have deliberations & decisions reflect the will of the group. Endorsements require 75% of Voting Members who vote (yes/no) on a decision. NDFA tries to listen to minority viewpoints. Sometimes one person has an important insight.

By requiring a $5 contribution this does apply a small test or threshold. It's not just a vote. It's also a small commitment.

What will the money raised go for?

NDFA will donate half the money to help baby seals with cancer in Africa to provide jobs to landmine victims in sustainable development communities. Just kidding. It will go toward operating Northside DFA. Northside DFA is organized as a State of Illinois political committee. You can read NDFA's report at Illinois State Board of Elections.

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