Northside DFA (Democracy for America) is a grassroots political organization dedicated to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government.

Thanks To Our February 2015 Municipal Primary Candidates!

Great elections deserve great meetings to talk it over

Well, some election, eh?

Of our candidates, Chuy Garcia and John Arena are in the run-offs. For Tara Stamps: it’s a run-off. Tim Meegan in the 33rd Ward, Anne Shaw and Ronda Locke in the 1st Ward, and Byron Sigcho in the 25th Ward are all suing the Board of Elections: the races are close, and there were documented voting irregularities … so it’s an exciting race to April 7.

And there are 17 aldermanic run-offs total: the most in city history (that anyone remembers, at least: if you know of an election where there were more … I’d love to know).

Chuy gives NDFA a shoutout!

along with #ReclaimChicago

Action is required

It’s getting down to the wire now: time to pull out all the stops so the good guys can win.
Is it possible to change City Hall? Only if we vote in a better Mayor and better Aldermen. Elections matter.

Again, the change list:

1) Early vote: only a few days left to vote before the election day crush;
2) Get out and work for the candidate(s) of your choice;
3) Talk to your friends, family, co-workers: make voting something they feel obligated to YOU to do. Peer pressure works.

Here are the last Action Days for the February 24th Election:

NDFA Action Day for Mark Thomas

Election Day Tuesday Feb. 24 = Early Voting Feb. 9 - 21

Go! Fight! Win! Vote! GOTV! Let's make it a change election, yes we can!

We want change, don’t we?

Well, we’re down to the wire now: will we have the City Council and Mayor we want, or will we have the City Council and Mayor that Big Money wants us to have? Will we stick with the same-old, same-old … or try something new?

What can we do to make change happen?

1) Early vote: I did today, and it was painless. (Well, almost: choosing between two great candidates is harder than you think.)
2) Get out and work for the candidate(s) of your choice.

One more speaker tonight: Shajan Kuriakose added!

Hi everyone,
It’s cold, it’s frosty – but it’s not snowing!

Reminder: this month’s meeting is TONIGHT: Thursday, February 12, at Chief O’Neill’s (3471 N. Elston), at 7 pm (6 pm for the optional dinner/social hour).

Meeting: Mujica, Cornier, Starr -- and GOTV!!

As we count down to the election, it’s time to really push to get out the vote for our candidates: any bit of volunteer time you can spare to support our candidates brings us closer to a more progressive city council and a progressive mayor.

This weekend! NDFA Action PLUS Super Bowl Parties Galore!

First: NDFA Action Day for Anne Shaw!
When: Saturday, January 31:
Time: show up between 12-1 for breakfast, introduction and training.
We start at 1:00 (Dress warm - hopefully most going out but we will have phone banking too!)
We go to 4:00 - back in office for debrief and social event afterwards.

Location: 1184 N. Milwaukee (next to State Farm office at corner of Division and Milwaukee at the 'Polish Triangle).
Public Transit friendly location - office is off the Blue Line CTA stop and served by Division Street and Milwaukee Ave bus-lines

Meeting and party

Three things in this post: 1) reminder about our monthly meeing, 2) remember to send in your proxy votes if you are a voting member, and 3) info about our holiday party on Friday.

1) Our monthly meeting is this Thursday, December 11 – 6 pm for optional dinner/social hour, 7 pm for the meeting, at Chief O’Neill’s, 3471 N. Elston. We have confirmed our fourth speaker: Alderman Scott Waguespack will be joining us. Also speaking are: two candidates running in the 26th Ward, Juanita Irizarry and Adam Corona, and Carlos Rosa, running in the 35th Ward.

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