Summer 2020 Fundraiser

That's right! It's time for our annual summer fundraiser. 

We all know that this has been an especially interesting year for everyone, so we're putting on our first ever VIRTUAL fundraiser. It's going to be the 13th of August at 7:30pm Central time.

Here's how it'll work:

It is a story in 2 parts.

Part 1 - The Auction

We've collected an amazing selection of items from around the city and around politics for you to bid on. 

Click Here to see the items available!  You'll find a collection of local products (beer, wine, cheese, coffee, etc.), politically or historically interesting items, and tickets to future sporting events!

The auction will be up until August 13th

Part 2 - The Event

On Thursday, the 13th of August, we'll be hosting an exclusive, on-line only event featuring an astounding array of talent, political brains, and truly unique entertainment. 

The event will be MC'd by our very own Daniel Biss and feature:

  • An appearance and interview of Jill Wine-Banks of MSNBC.
  • A performance by the DB Comedy group (The Arrogance of these People!).
  • Updates from our endorsed candidates.
  • And more!

Tickets are available via Act Blue:

Click here to buy them.

Ticket Prices start at $65, but are available at all levels. Head to Act Blue to see details.

If you have any questions, contact us